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    a programm for KIT intermedia by Nomeda & Gediminas Urbonas
note_1 December 11th, 2005

The TV research group is formed within a course “Media as constructed space: design, structures and navigation” as part of Intermedia program
(tutors Nomeda & Gediminas Urbonas) at KIT/NTNU Trondheim.
The TV research group is started from the emergency to re-read artistic
practices engaged with  TV, as constituent of public space.
The TV research group aims to form a pilot for a TV project at KIT/NTNU
Trondheim in a dialogue with other students and teachers ant KIT, NTNU and Medgaards media lab. 

Participants, mainly from Intermedia group, staged few brainstorm sessions in search of a group consciousness within the moment now, current time, that can constitute such (TV) project, unfolding in a process of collaborative work.

beta version
SLOW TV.ORG was suggested as a beta version title for a pilot project.
There is no manifesto written yet on what is SLOW TV about, but
the intentions and desires of participants lead to idea that SLOW TV would work with idea of multiskins, allowing project to be folded and unfolded, reconstituted and re-launched each time in different places with different titles and forms of broadcast, including internet streaming and local broadcast .

objective of the trip
experiencing the urge to map the current artistic practices engaging with new ways of producing and disseminating TV, the group of KIT students together with tutors will travel to Rotterdam during the days of IFFR-International Film Festival Rotterdam January 26 – 31 and join with the several events in the film festival as well as V2-Institute of Unstable Media,  and  WDW- Witte de With contemporary art center.

During the research trip participants of the project will hack the IFFR and WDW activities by installing SLOW TV.ORG stand within different venues of the festival, workshop at V2 and international exhibition at WDW, infiltrating, parasiting and finally joining with artists groups making television.
Participants of TV research group will be rapidly constructing the identity of SLOW TV during the days of the film festival by making interviews, recordings, cooking and performing Beta episodes of pilot project. The first skin (beta version) will be streamed online and back home re-launched at the SKY bar with a help of hand made wooden projector.

The TV research group consider Rotterdam trip as substantial point in an extended ongoing TV workshop that is planned in a dialogue with KIT, NTNU Midgaards media lab as well as with visiting professors and staff at KIT during this spring semester.

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