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slow tv meets Bik Van der Pol, Rotterdam January 27th, 2006

Liesbeth and Jos are artists from Rotterdam. ]

Fragment from an interview:

JASON: We can carry on that. My second question for you, is, I mean Gediminas has told us a little about what you do like you run this round tables discussions about artists publications and you make book fairs of artists publications, which aren’t necessarily books, but could be anything.
I don’t know if this is correct or not?

JOS: Well, more or less.

LIESBETH: it’s very description of what we do, I would say.

ERIK: What do you say? What?

LIESBETH: We are not organizers of round tables and book fairs.

JOS:  Square tables?

JASON: Square tables? OK. Well, I have got it completely wrong, maybe now you can correct me.

LIESBETH:  NO, I am trying to think  what he means with the round tables.

JASON: Round table means, You sit everyone round the table, it doesn’t actually mean that the table is round, its just the discussion about, getting people together to talk about what it is or what you are doing.

Bik van der Pol, Rotterdam 2006

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