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slow tv meets cac tv, Rotterdam January 28th, 2006

CAC tv [] at HOT SPOTS program, IFFR, Off_Corso, Rotterdam

Fragment from the interview:

JASON: we have a question that has been running through allĀ  the interviews that we have been taken. which is this question, whether a collaboration is actually possible between the different groups of people. Whether its possible to work together or its just a participation. Whether one group always takes presidency over another?

RAIMAY / CAC TV: I think in terms of collaboration, it should always come from some necessity to collaborate. Or this necessity could be based on animosity, like u hate another program, or its like your enemy. I am not using enemy as a productive term, but it could be something like an enemy.

Then I think collaboration could be based on cannibalism, cause in order to produce something good u have to eat another program, that you either hate. So u have to eat each other, then you can enjoy it and then u can produce something together.

slow tv at interview with cac tv, Rotterdam 2006

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