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    a programm for KIT intermedia by Nomeda & Gediminas Urbonas
note_2 January 17th, 2006

Workshop on new ways of artists practice re-approaching TV.
It seems as if there are new developments nearly every day in and
around the medium that a few years ago was known simply as ‘television’.
There are lots of artistic activities an agencies engaging these days into new modes of TV production, that is transcending the TV DIY fashion known from sixties. On the other hand it comes with the development of technologies, as satellites, digital channels, new applications for cable connections, home cinema, reception via computer, mobile phone, PDA – the possibilities seem boundless, and are the cause of a perpetual turbulence in the media landscape.
What is the future of the talking and moving picture, and the way in which it is distributed. Can we reinvent the medium? Can we ourselves make a television?

Focus on TV, could be framed as larger scale workshop, starting with
Raimundas MAlasauskas lecture and presentation on CAC TV and methods of making TV together. From this probably the first episode of KIT TV could be created. Lets see. First we should somehow frame group of participants or so called “correspondents” of possible KIT TV. So this is an open invitation to the intermedia group first, although it is not limited only within the group and could grow larger in the school or outside. But first of all and most importantly it is approachin you.

Some further reading sources:

Peter Watkins: introduction to media Crisis

Copenhagen Free University project TV-TV:
look at the down link “text”


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