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Archive Cultures October 25th, 2005

Archive Cultures workshop by Jorge Blasco Gallardo.

That is the objective of the workshop

The warehouses of the museums, the archives in general, are visited by
investigators and commissioners looking for documents that illustrate
what exhibition they develop wants to narrate. But those structures –
archive, stores, etc.- already narrate something. The workshop
proposes its participants to approach without a preconceived discourse
to documentary groups. That cultural heritage is not the image that
illustrates the pretext, is the pretext of participants own work to
elaborate their own project.

The workshop:

1. – To describe the project as included in a genealogy of scientists,
managers and artists who have used these strategies as support. The way
in which usually exhibition removes documents and object from archives
and warehouses, the ideological implications of this act and the
possible alternatives to the habitual tendency.

2. – To describe the birth of the project, and his structure as a
project in course that, at the moment, receives orders of institutions
to exhibit its cultural files according with the project’s concept.

3. – To describe the structure of team of independent professionals
united in each edition of the project and how they work.

4. – To analyze the material edited by the project: bulletins, books
and last and future productions.

5. – To describe relation of the project with Internet and free
software collaborating with the artist Daniel G. Andújar.

The fundamental point of discussion in the workshop is election and
detection of possible spaces of collaboration in Trondheim, since the
participants are the main judges of their surroundings, as well as the
justification of that decision which is fundamental for the development
of the workshop.

Afterwords, a project based on the material selected from local archives
is to be done.
The resultant material will be suitable to be consulted in a reference
table, so that it can be donated to collaborating institutions as
future consult material.

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