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links_activism, networking, open source January 14th, 2005

sum up of the first week ideas unfolding space of activism, networking, project based on the philosophy of open source:

first it was mentioned RAM: re-approaching new media,
series of workshops organized by partners-media
labs around the Baltic sea:

initiators of this project:

LAB in Riga, cool for their sound events and net radio

our initiative in Vilnius (not much stuff on web yet)

some personalities hosted for RAM6 in Vilnius:
Kim Cascone (for those interested in sound)

Geert Lovink, one of the most interesting new media theorists,
writing on the internet culture and networks:

Creative Commons, alternative version to copyright.
this u all take into consideration
if ever distributing your creative content:

and finally film archives,
take a look at Prelinger archives:

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