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    a programm for KIT intermedia by Nomeda & Gediminas Urbonas

we suggest we would run it on behalf of Intermedia
and it would be open for ALL. It’s important that it has
consequent screenings, so if its fine we stick to proposed date:
each Thursday from 14.00 at Seminarrom.

so the program we suggest:

27.Jan. “Derrida”.Dir. Kirby Dick and Amy Ziering Kofman. 2002
03.Feb. “Future is not what it used to be”. Dir. Mika Taanila. 2002
10.Feb. “The War Game”. Dir. Peter Watkins. 1966
17.Feb. “BaadAsssss Cinema”. Dir. Isaac Julien. 2002
24.Feb. “Frantz Fanon: Black Skin, White Mask”.  Dir. Isaac Julien. 1996
03.Mar. “The Battle of Orgreave”.  Dir. Jeremy Deller. 2001
10.Mar. “La Commune (Paris 1871)”. Dir. Peter Watkins. 1999
17.Mar. “I Thought I was Seeing Convicts”, Dir.Harun Farocki. 2000

under consideration (in case if 3 last films are not here in time):
“Consolation Service”. Dir. Eija Liisa Ahtila. 1999
“Marat/Sade” Dir. Peter Brook.  1966
“Punishment Park”. Dir. Peter Watkins. 1971
“Looking for Langston”. Dir. Isaac Julien. 1989
“Reminiscence of a Journey to Lithuania”. dir. Jonas Mekas. 1972

we would love if you would bring your suggestions.
We could either “mix” them showing the same day 2 films during
Thursdays screenings starting from 14.00 to 17.00;

Or we could “split” into two weekly sessions, lets say yours
is on Tuesdays after group meetings???
You decide how you plan to do it.

we will provide you (during next weeks) with .pdf files
for posters, so you could distribute info about sreenings.

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