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interaction, postproduction and relational esthetics January 26th, 2005

Sum up of the second week: thoughts and links.

We started addressing notions of social interaction, postproduction and relational esthetics discussed by the French theorist Nicholas Bourriaud, a curator at the Palais de Tokyo in Paris in his “Relational Aesthetics”, where he discusses intervention,
provocation, documentary, archives, uncanny, hybridity.

links to consider:

we wanted to stress the notion of encounter of art & public-
“Art Meets Everyday Life”.

Next to this we mentioned Jakob Jakobsen and Manifesto of
The Copenhagen Free University:

check the KLARTEXT! symposium in Berlin that stages discussion on relationship between art and politics, politicization or art and issues of activism.
You can find some interesting people.
Look for “Yes Men” (their new DVD comes out next week so I try to get hold of it):

look at the links of participants, as some of the theorist/artists might be useful to consider: Chantal Mouffe, Brian Holmes, Simon Sheikh, Irit Rogoff, Chto delat?, Francesco Jodice/Multiplicity;

look at the Russian recent initiative, publication and website:

in this context I proposed you not to forget the opportunity to take part at RAM7:Models of Collaboration
web is on (!):
this workshop-event is from series
contact Kristin Bergaust about that.


we introduced our interest in script as part of a convex apparatus of media (again relational mechanism) and how it is employed by institutions/corporations. To illustrate this i “borrowed” few “webisodes” with comedian Jerry Seinfeld and an animated Superman as part of ad campain for American Express:

look at the link this example builds with project line based on Ann Lee, a character from Japanese animation (anime) whose  rights were acquired  by artists Pierre Huyghes and Phillipe Parreno to create a new life for the manga, under the title “NO GHOST, JUST A SHELL”.

We introduced notion of the “script”, which is employed not only in our work and language, but is crucial part of cultural discourse at large. We would suggest to look
at this reference in the discussions and construction of the works.

For a beginning few links, that might give you a fresh insight (and fun as well), work by Norman Klein / Lev Manovich (1998):

and the other links you with the
seminal text by Mark Rakatansky “Spatial Narratives”, (1991)

think about it!
it could be a great fun and smart thing if you do it.
stage a group meeting next week just yourselves and discuss.
we need to know your feedback by the end of next week.

as an example you may look at web documentation
of Dutch artists Bik van der Pol:

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