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slow tv in Rotterdam January 30th, 2006

we are back from Rotterdam since last night and fingers burning to unfold all exciting encounters and links with practices building the public space access through the hybrid TV modes.

Rotterdam met us in a great embrace of a cold weather and a nasty wind. Right after the arrivals we all met at the opening of the exhibition SATELITE OF LOVE, at the Witte de With Contemporary art center. It was a perfect time and place to warm up, meet nice people and start with the first SLOW TV manifestation as well as setting the interviews.

The SLOW TV team Jason, Morten, Hans, Erik, Cath and Linda together with Nomeda and Gediminas starting from scratch:
Jason is installing the SLOW TV stand-large format antique camera that captures the geography of TV trends in a still image turning them literary upside down. We think that for the first edition (launch) of SLOW TV, these stills are great to have along with audio stream on a web. Morten is adjusting sound levels and getting ready with video captures through the on a larger glass charted in a grids on a back of the antique camera. Linda makes sure there is enough light falling by mowing a reflector. Cath is working with making off and plans for one minute short ideas for the festival in Trondheim or/and Vilnius. Hans is taking stills, uploads the web. Erik improvises with moving camera, as well plays a great role to interview the artists together with Jason. Nomeda is documenting behind the scenes and Gediminas gets ready with the questions. There are no fixed roles, we all mix and discuss things, getting time to look at the material after installing temporary SLOW TV studio.

just to give you a short glimpse on the active agenda of SLOW TV during the busy week in Rotterdam:

Friday, 27 Jan 2006

an interview with TV-TV, from Copenhagen:

an interview with Liesbeth and Jos, artists from Rotterdam:

festival screening of Sarah Morris short films.

DIY_tv: talk & workshop on the growing phenomenon of independent microTV broadcasters.
You can watch the stream here:

interview with Ambient TV:
and Heath Bunting, artist and activist from Bristol:

Saturday, 28 Jan 2006

interview with  Algis Stravinskas, a pioneer of break dance in USSR.

interview with CAC TV

visiting NAI, Netherlands Architecture Institute

Silent TV workshop: a tele-matic workshop on how to build your own TV. conducted by Tetsuo Kogawa (Tokyo Keizai University). you can watch the stream here:

HOT SPOTS program at the IFFR, Off_Corso, Rotterdam
Morten joins the program with sound performance.

Sunday, 29 Jan 2006

visiting Netherlands Foto Museum

Museum Boijmans Van Beuningen

Gated_tv talk: on copy right issues vs open archives,
open source, open archives.

interview with Rachel Baker, artist and co-organizer of
ambientTV.NET and officer for media arts at the Arts Council of England)

Monday, 30 Jan 2006

interview with Juha Huuskonen organizer of PixelAche festival in Helsinki.

Truth_tv: talk by several artists to discuss the work exploring the nature of truth as represented by television.

interview with The Yes Men (cultural jammers)

we are not even mentioning exhibitions and film screenings at the IFFR. It is not possible to put into these humble lines all extraordinary experiences and inspiring clues we got during those days for the TV project  we try to setup at the school. Better we all do it in February /March when we get ready with the website. Maybe by that time we have hand made TV projector that we could plug with the self made TV
transmitters? YES! Three TV transmitter were build during the workshop in Rotterdam, and are back to Trondheim.

Now its many hours of material to be transcribed and edited into the interviews as a text files, and edited again in a shorter version for audio streams. Large format photos to be developed, scaled down and put on the web together with text and audio stream. Short samples of video (3 min.) would be also uploaded.


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