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CAC TV Workshop March 14th, 2006

CAC TV workshop in Trondheim:

CAC TV is a TV program of Contemporary Art Centre, Vilnius , that is being broadcasted weekly on TV1
channel. It explores the genre of reality meta-show, although quite
often it finds itself in meta-reality show.
“CAC TV not only generates events, it is also a TV program” (Viktor
“Beavis and Butthead do Dogma in Vilnius” (anonym)
“An intervention to Normality” (Vita Zaman Cookson)
Raimundas Malasauskas works at the Contemporary Art Centre, Vilnius
(, co-produces CAC TV program (
and So-Called Records (http:/, has done
interviews with Robert Barry, Dora Garcia, George Maciunas, Seth
Siegelaub, Rammelzee, Tino Sehgal, forwarded the telepathic message of
Robert Bary to Jonathan Monk (During the Exhibition The Gallery will be
Open, Jan Mot gallery, Brussels, 2003), has written about Missy Elliot
and time machines, has curated various exhibitions, including BMW
(co-curated with Sofia Hernandez Chong Cuy (NYC) and Alexis Vaillant
(Paris), CAC Vilnius / ICA London; 24/7 Wilno Nueva York (CAC
Vilnius, 2003); PR 04 (A Tribute to the Messenger), Puerto Rico (2004),
Elektrodienos: Unidentified Audio Object (CAC Vilnius, 2004), Bi-Fi
series of events (various venues, New York City 2001 – 2003), Out Trip
Out West, Pierre Bismuth & Jonathan Monk (CAC Vilnius, 2001).


The aim of the workshop in Trondheim – to share knowledge and
experiences stemming from artistic production taking place beyond
traditional exhibition matrix and inhabiting formats of TV, online
games or rumours rather than the spaces of museums. Through
collaborative analysis and imagination the participants of the workshop
are expected to produce a new identity (for television) of IX Baltic
Triennial aka BMW following the logic of CAC TV, BMW and the workshop
The structure of the workshop consists of the three basic parts:
1. Introduction of several projects with a focus on The IX Baltic
Triennial aka BMW and CAC TV.
2. Watching the selection of:
a) existing CAC TV episodes followed by the session of critique and
b) several films presented on CAC TV (Montewood Hollyverita by Una
Szeemann and Alice in Wonderland or Who is Guy Debord by Robert Cauble)
and exhibited in BMW (All Wrong by Gabriel Lester.)
c) unedited material from BMW exhibition and Rotterdam film festival;
3. Conceptual investigations: finding and formulating the key principles
operating in both projects, analysing their implications and impact,
projecting their possible adaptation and use in a different format and
context. Collaborative imagining and streamlining of the ideas of the
new episode of CAC TV.
4. Practical realisation of the episode: filming, editing, re-editing.


More info on CAC TV: (recommended: please go to
‘interviews’ to read about the making of the program)

More info on IX Baltic Triennial aka BMW: and (recommended: please go to
to read all the press-releases of the project)

Texts and interviews by Raimundas Malasauskas:

Robert Barry: You never know where it goes

Mario Garcia Torres: Never seen or done before

Carey Young: Revolution: It’s a Lovely Word

Interview with Seth Siegelaub

Raimundas Malasauskas link:

CAC TV: Every program is a pilot. Every program is a final episode – a
proposal for a TV series of invisible TV (by Rai)

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