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extra note February 15th, 2005

The Yesmen. we find interesting in relation to infiltration strategies
and critique of corporations (Hans?)


Laura’s eyes, the film, was the story of any woman predicting the
immediate of people she regarded. “Laure’s eyes” a book by Jacques Lacan
(reminding of Bataille’s Laure’s eyes)… on transfer in psychoanalysis :
regarding Laure’s eyes crying it does not tell really about the suffering of
the patient to the psychoanalysis. Laure’s eyes in George Bataille works is
the real regard of Laure – Colette Peignot who died cause tuberculosis – or
sacrifice ?

Hello, I am Laura, a security guard at the Vancouver Art Gallery. Through work,
I have access to a lot of security cameras. I hacked a way to put one of …

Coming Attraction: Between Synopsis and Trailer by Constanze Ruhm

Here is an abstract in citylights bookstore site (at Cisco)

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links_activism, networking, open source January 14th, 2005

sum up of the first week ideas unfolding space of activism, networking, project based on the philosophy of open source:

first it was mentioned RAM: re-approaching new media,
series of workshops organized by partners-media
labs around the Baltic sea:

initiators of this project:

LAB in Riga, cool for their sound events and net radio

our initiative in Vilnius (not much stuff on web yet)

some personalities hosted for RAM6 in Vilnius:
Kim Cascone (for those interested in sound)

Geert Lovink, one of the most interesting new media theorists,
writing on the internet culture and networks:

Creative Commons, alternative version to copyright.
this u all take into consideration
if ever distributing your creative content:

and finally film archives,
take a look at Prelinger archives:

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