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Carnival at pro-test lab September 24th, 2005

Carnival at pro-test lab Vilnius by Cathrine, Linda, Hans Christian, Morten N.

carnival at pro-test lab

Carnival at pro-test lab September 24th, 2005

Last supper by Cathrine and Linda and streaming between Vilnius and Falmouth by Hans Christian and Morten N., visuals by Rut Rut [Vilnius]

last supper at pro-test lab   last supper at pro-test lab

last supper at pro-test lab   streeming at pro-test lab

last supper and streeming at pro-test lab   last supper and streeming at pro-test lab

Carnival at pro-test lab September 24th, 2005

Carnival at pro-test lab, Vilnius. Last supper by Cathrine and Linda and streaming session between Vilnius and Falmouth by Hans Christian and Morten N., visuals by Rut Rut [Vilnius]

carnival at pro-test lab   carnival at pro-test lab

carnival at pro-test lab   carnival at pro-test lab

carnival at pro-test lab   carnival at pro-test lab

carnival at pro-test lab   carnival at pro-test lab

pro-test lab workshop in Vilnius September 20th, 2005

Thursday Sept.22 – Monday Sept.26
Workshop Trip to Vilnius: Pro-test Lab, BMW, Siren…

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About Workshop Trip to Vilnius

It is a trip that is organized as an open framework offering DIY possibilities, encounters, meetings and discussions. It very much up to you and us how we organize it. What Vilnius site offers to you is much more than being flaneur in a turbulent merge of Soviet baroque and baroque baroque, meeting of utopian modernism, wild nature and agriculture in the city. It the encounter with post-soviet condition enlightened with of wild west and social democracy, at last it is the last chance to take part in the privatisation process of the city. Pro-test lab at the cinema “LIETUVA” will be your home during the exploration of cultural and political life in Vilnius, that would offer you during the weekend vertex of realities from opening of the BMW: The 9th Baltic Triennial of International Art to closing down the biggest cinema in the country “LIETUVA”.
Pro-test at the cinema “LIETUVA” suggesting place for screenings, talks, cooking, presentations, relaxing, sound or visual sessions, performance, taking the breaks and doing manifestations not yet mentioned here or elsewhere.

About the Pro-test Lab
Pro-test Lab project initiated by Nomeda & Gediminas Urbonas is conceived as a site that generates artistic production with a strategy to intervene the privatization process and the spekuliation of the real estate in Vilnius. Working with idea “reclaiming the public space” Pro-test lab is aiming to preserve one of the last public and cultural spaces in the city by launching the support campaign through the art project. Organized with a joined efforts of various groups, individual coming from neighbourhoods, architecture and film circles, art schools and universities, underground and independent culture Pro-test lab raises the voice of solidarity between the people.

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The Lithuanian artists Nomeda and Gediminas Urbonas, have worked together since 1997 on projects which all deal with Lithuanian society in the post-communist age. Through an interview made by the Dutch critic and activist Geert Lovink, they introduce the context of their on-going project Pro-Test Lab and give an insight into the multifaceted experiments carried out within this bustling laboratory. Pro-Test Lab
addresses the current brutal privatisation process of public spaces in Lithuania. It aims to save the last independent cinema in Vilnius, Cinema Lietuva, from demolition by generating all available forms of protests and actions.

READ MORE: An interview of Nomeda and Gediminas Urbonas by Geert Lovink
READ MORE: Pro-Test Lab Actions: Summer schedule –>

About the BMW
The 9th Baltic Triennial of International Art entitled “BMW” will open on Friday Septmeber 23 from 18.00.
Curators: Sofia Hernández Chong Cuy, Raimundas Malasauskas, Alexis Vaillant.
Highly profitable black markets not only – paradoxically – emerge within the economy as a result of enforcing strict sanctions in trade politics but are also the shadowy underside of legal economics and in this sense constitutive for the “official” economic system. The Triennial intends to explore artistic practices referring to the topic of the project. It aims to discuss the links between authorized and forbidden economic exchange and with that the interventions between marginalized and “official” fields. The structure of the Triennial adapts to the model of double structures. The main exhibition will take place the Contemporary Art Centre (CAC) in Vilnius while a second exhibition parallel in time will be presented in the Institute of Contemporary Art (ICA) in London and will correspond with that in Vilnius. The project will invite around 50 artists from more than 15 countries. In order to open up a new field of discussions about the topic, artists or collaborations of artists are encouraged to produce site-specific work for both of the exhibition venues, which shall enter dialogue and offer different perspectives on the phenomenon of black markets. The Triennial includes different formats and sites of presentations: Exhibition of art works, artistic interventions in the city of Vilnius as well as screenings of artists’ films in CAC’s own TV program (broadcasted on TV1 television channel in Lithuania). Debates, lectures and a seminar as well as a printed publication accompany the exhibition and will provide further background information and theoretical discussions about the artistic practices and the topic of the Triennial.
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Extra to this there are two meetings considered with:
Peter Watkins, most neglected major filmmaker at work today
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Raimundas Malasauskas, curator of BMW and producer of CACtv
A talk or TV/dinner?
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