a learning environment and an infrastructure for interspecies communication

Futurity Island is a learning environment and an infrastructure for interspecies communication. It renders Amphibian Songs.

In Futurity Island a network of water pipes is assembled into an artificial skeleton to channel the sounds of “nature”. As an instrument used to drain swamps, the pipe is a metaphor for human-centered ecology and environmental domination, and a prime symbol of Anthropocene.

Futurity Island appropriates the pipe to bring humans and nonhumans into a more symmetrical, collaborative relationship, aimed at listening to and hearing the silenced voices of our planet.

Photo: Toni Hafkenscheid. Courtesy Blackwood Gallery

Concept: Nomeda & Gediminas Urbonas
Architecture: Indrė Umbrasaitė
Sound: Nicole L’Huillier

Futurity Island 2018 was commissioned by Blackwood Gallery for the Work of Wind: Air, Land, Sea curated by Christine Shaw.

The project is supported by Blackwood Gallery, UTM, Musket transport, IPEX

Photo: Spiral Mountains Media. Courtesy Blackwood Gallery