a space and archive of performative protest forms questioning foundations of power in the public space

pro-test lab archive

The pro-test lab archive is an art project that organises a collection of images and props, and the relationships they produce with the act of protest. The archive maps the attempts to stage an autonomous platform for action through an art project that can penetrate reality through political acts. This develops both inside and outside the art system by simultaneously considering the tension that such a relationship produces.

The archive is constructed through the events of artistic production staged as a campaign of reclaiming public space as their method of protest. It acts to initiate the debate elicited by the conflict between privatization and publicness, art and ethics, activism and production. Starting as an art project that investigates the energies of the productive side of protest, the pro-test lab is archiving all the possibilities of impossible protest that rally people against the specific situation of the privatization of public space.

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