a pedagogical infrastructure to study hybridity and immateriality of architectural forms in times of environmental crisis

The Swamp School

The Swamp School is a pedagogical infrastructure for the Swamp Pavilion – a curatorial commission for the Lithuanian participation at the 16th International Architecture Exhibition—La Biennale di Venezia, 2018. The project investigates hybridity and immateriality of architectural forms, reimagining our relationships with the environment and the territories in a post-nation and post-human turn. Funded with support from Lithuanian Council for Culture, MIT School of Architecture and Planning, MIT Program in Art, Culture and Technology (ACT), MIT Center for Art, Science & Technology (CAST), The Nordic Culture Fund, OCA Office for Contemporary Art Norway, Urbonas Studio, UAB Durpeta.

more: swamp.lt

The Swamp School Poster. Design: Node Berlin Oslo

The Swamp School was organized in three chapters: Swamp Radio [on transmitting], Futurity Island [on sympoietics] and Commonism [on cohabitation]. Over the course of the biennale it hosted more than 300 active participants from all over the world.

Swamp Ponchos. Drawings: Lithuanian architects, Design: Urbonas Studio with Sandra Straukaitė, Pattern: Gailė Pranckūnaitė. 2018 Photo: Norbert Tukaj