insights into intersections of swamps, art, architecture and philosophy

Swamps and the New Imagination. The book unfolded is on display at the Breaking Water – Exploring approaches to the subject of water, liquidity, and feminism, an exhibition at the Contemporary Arts Center, Cincinnati, co-curated by Amara Antilla, Senior Curator at the Contemporary Arts Center, Cincinnati and Clelia Coussonnet, Guest Curator.
Excerpts from the forthcoming publication offer insight into intersectional topics, such as transnational and speculative architecture, ecofeminism and queer theory, posthumanism, techno-ecology, materialism, visual studies and imagination, third order cybernetics, sociology, and eco-commoning.

Swamps and the New Imagination, The book unfolded,2020–22 

Indigo print on paper, excerpts from the publication Swamps and the New Imagination by Sternberg Press and MIT Press, 2022

Courtesy of the artists

Edited by Nomeda and Gediminas Urbonas and Kristupas Sabolius
Design in collaboration with NODE Berlin Oslo 

Editorial consultants: Mariel Villeré, Jonathan Jae-an Crisman, Monica Hutton

Copy editor: Carolyn Shea

Supported by the Lithuanian Council for Culture, Architektūros fondas, the Council for the Arts at MIT, the John & Cynthia Reed Foundation, Iuav University of Venice and Cescot Veneto