is an operational system for sensing pheromones of the fireflies and anti-fascist spirits


LeonardoBrain is an operational system intended to sense a pheromones of the fireflies and anti-fascist spirits in the garden of Vaglio Basilicata. Commission of the Gardentopia project, Matera 2019 European Capital of Culture, Italy.

LeonardoBrain is plugged in the Vaglio garden to further explore systems constituting the holobiont of active citizenship of the environment with insects, plants, human and more-than-human species. During the garden/brain workshop together with students from the Vaglio school welearning from the local condition about the insects extinction, air and soil pollution, relations between plants and humans and how the design of holobiont could create a resilience.

LeonardoBrain AI element is developed in collaboration with scientist Jonas Kubilius.

LeonardoBrain collaborates with Vaglio school children to generate blue prints for the SmartHouse for insect resilience.

Sketching architecture of care.

The research is carried in conversation with Prof. Eustachio Tarasco, entomologist and professor at the University of Bari. Eustachio has conducted a profound study of insects in the Basilicata region.

Prototyping architecture of care.